8Greens Cookbook

8Greens Cookbook


I created The 8Greens Cookbook for all the people who have asked me for more ways to get 8Greens into their family.

Every recipe has passed the key criteria of being easy to make (if I can, you definitely can), containing fabulously healthy ingredients, and being eaten with enthusiasm by my children, husband and friends. Gwyneth Paltrow has given 8Greens two recipes that our kids adore, Peninsula Hotels gave us their beloved spelt pancake recipe, and Jessica Alba’s nutritionist gave us her favorite 8Greens recipe.

I have also pooled all my years of researching and testing into straightforward, no-nonsense tips for healthy living: the six sugar substitutes and when to use them, 75% of onions’ nutrients are in the top two layers so no more peeling, the only five health centers I recommend to my friends and why, etc.

Changing my nutrition has changed my health. 8Greens was my way to help people prioritize their nutrition no matter how hectic their lives become. Health should not be exclusive, complicated or a fad. With this cookbook, I hope to make getting greens even easier

I chose a soft cover and a traditional Japanese binding for the book as the exposed spine helps the book to lay flat and makes it more practical for cooking. This binding is even stronger as it has both sewn binding and perfect binding (the glue on the spine) in one.