I have an 8Greens every day

Zac Efron


The simplest way to get my greens on the go… so easy and efficient.

Keri Russel


I definitely feel a kick after this.

Alex James

blur bassist

Wow, this is good. I can taste a hint of kale, which is good – I know it’s the real thing.

Christine D'ornano

vice president,
Sisley international

This is a great way of making sure you stay healthy in a very easy way, no matter how busy you are.

Helena Christensen


I do not care it is not in place of a salad. I hate salads. This is good enough for me. It is better than I normally do.

Kara Young

revlon supermodel

This actually tastes good. I cannot believe I love it.

Isabel Dupré

fashion stylist

I’m drinking it right now, I’m almost done. It’s really good.

Andy Cohen

watCH what happens live with andy cohen

Seriously that’s good, I would rock this every day – it’s really good.

Harry Connick Jr.

8Greens is a brand that represents exactly what I believe in. Simple, direct, and easy, it's the most perfect way to get in all your greens. It gives me incredible energy, and I absolutely love it.

Bobbi Brown

Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur

I love this.

Serge Normant


Amazing deal for when I travel or days I cannot deal with my morning juice blender drama

Pamela Hanson

fashion photographer

Greens are so essential, and 8Greens makes them tasty and super easy to get.

Mario Lopez

host of extra